NRI Legal Services

by SimranLaw

In layman’s language, NRI Legal Services refer to any service of legal type which a lawyer provides to an NRI. Within the purview of NRI Legal Services, advocates give advice and/or represent NRI for the purpose of litigation. Most of the NRI tend to get embroiled in property matters the most amongst the various forms of legal troubles. It includes, yet isn’t limited to, matters concerning transfer of property, guidance in terms of property disputes, some of which might end up in the courts. Property disputes could manifest in the form of illegal sale/possession/transfer of property and also landlord-tenant disputes. NRI Legal Services also include legal assistance for buying or selling property, getting land valuation done, getting a Will drafted and later executed, division of property- whether amicably or contested. Some legal issues make it inevitable for NRI to seek services of legal experts, for instance, cases involving misuse of Power of Attorney or violation of terms agreed to by the builders and property developers.