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How to challenge a will the Indian court of law

What is a Will? A will/testament refers to a legal document that states the wishes of the testator about how he/she wants his/her property to be distributed after the demise. The Will also mentions the names of one or more persons as the executor(s), to take care of the property till it is finally distributed. […]

How can NRI Transfer the Property after the death of Husband

Deaths are inevitable. And while all of us are aware of this stark reality of life, the death of a loved one is probably the most daunting event one has to go through in their lifetime. Dealing with deaths become more difficult for the spouse of the deceased, more so in cases where a woman […]

Tenant Screening and Documentation

Leasing or renting out a property is a common practice in urban India. There are various reasons for which a landlord lease out or rent his property like, As a source of additional income If they are moving out of the city or country for a significant period of time To make use of the […]

How can NRI Get a Succession Certificate in India

Succession Certificate is a legal document issued by a local court to the legal heirs of a deceased in the absence of a will. It enables the legal heirs of the deceased to inherit the property and liabilities if any of the deceased. It validates the claim of the applicant legal heir over the aforementioned […]

How NRI may claim a share in the Ancestral Property

Property can be divided into two categories: Ancestral property Self-acquired property A person becomes the legal heir of a property by the virtue of birth in the particular family. He/she has an inherited claim in the property whereas the owner of a self-acquired property can will his property to any person he wishes. However, in […]

How to Settle NRI rent disputes with the Tenants

Landlord-Tenants disputes are not new, neither are the lawsuits. What is new is the changing laws that have shifted in the favour of landlords, as compared the old laws that favoured tenants, with special clauses for NRI. The disputes between landlord and tenant can be of different forms – Rental disputes, upkeep and repair related […]

RTI for Land and Property Disputes of NRI

Right to Information Act or RTI was introduced by the Government of India in the year 2005 to promote transparency and better administration in the government agencies. It allows the citizens of India to demand information from the different agencies of the government about their procedures and other details, except for the organisations involved with […]

Do NRI have any right to Ancestral Property in India

A property can be divided into self-acquired property or inherited property. Further, the property can be inherited either through the Will or as ancestral property. In this article, we will discuss ancestral property and rights to ancestral property, in detail. What is an Ancestral Property? Ancestral property is the property that has been passed down […]

Resolving NRI Property Disputes through Family Settlement

Property and disputes go way back in time. And history tells us that wars have been fought over the property. It will not be an exaggeration to say that, from the very time the concept of property was founded, it has been accompanied by conflicts and disputes. Modern times are no exception, with people ready […]

What to know before signing a rent agreement

A lot of youngsters are seen moving cities in search of a better career and future, sometimes with their partners. And since it is very impractical for a couple to live in a hostel or PG accommodation, they opt to rent the house. Renting is a two-way process, i.e the tenant and the landlord both […]

Where should NRI invest – Real Estate or Stocks?

Investment, in the Indian context, has till date seen as a safety net for the future. People were wary of taking risks in fear of losing the money or facing losses. Thus, they chose the safest investment option like savings account and gold, at times real-estate, but hardly stocks. Real Estate was seen as a […]

How NRI can sell the Inherited Property

While property sure offers a lot of perks, it also comes with its own set of complicated procedures and transactions. We are talking about the sale and purchase of the property. Selling and Buying of any property is as such complex, the matter gets more complicated when the seller is an NRI selling his inherited […]