How to Settle NRI rent disputes with the Tenants

Landlord-Tenants disputes are not new, neither are the lawsuits. What is new is the changing laws that have shifted in the favour of landlords, as compared the old laws that favoured tenants, with special clauses for NRI. The disputes between landlord and tenant can be of different forms – Rental disputes, upkeep and repair related issues, eviction, non-adherence to contract, potential eviction. There has been an increase in the landlord-tenant dispute in general, but the share of Disputes with NRI landlords has surged significantly. We come across a lot of NRI landlords seeking redressal against disputes with their tenants. And then there are cases, where NRI landlord has been facing the financial and mental torment for years, all because of lack of proper legal guidance. Thus, as a leading law firm providing comprehensive legal services to NRI, our foremost advice would be to get in touch with an expert as early as possible to get the desired result. A skilled lawyer will be able to guide you through the various legal measures available to you for settling disputes with the tenants.

Although it is difficult to guarantee a hassle-free tenancy, all this legal procedure can be avoided in maximum cases by taking some preventive measures. Some of the preventive measures are:

  1. While renting out your property, make sure to have a proper rent agreement drafted and registered. Further, it is helpful to hire the services an expert property lawyer for the same to have a foolproof agreement at the place. The agreement should define the status of the occupant, tenure of tenancy, rent and other important points like repair and upkeep clause.
  2. While furnishing the agreement, it is advisable to have the eviction process mentioned to circumvent any hassle in future for both the parties.
  3. While leasing out the property, do not lease property for more than a year. In case, both the parties are willing to continue with the lease, they can always renew the agreement. This will offer the NRI the required security from legal hassles in case of disputes.
  4. Most importantly, keep a regular check on your property. If you can not make regular visits, a trusted family member can be asked to keep a check on your behalf, or a special Power of Attorney can be appointed for the purpose.

One thing, that takes precedence over everything is the importance of having a trusted expert who can guide you through the nitty-gritty of the legal aspect of maintaining a property. At times, none of these preventive measures work and the landlord has to face a situation where tenants, for lack of better word, go rowdy on them. During the course of our extensive legal experience, we have observed that eviction notices are usually a waste of time, with no positive response from the tenant. With an agreement in place, it becomes easier for the landlord to successfully represent their case in the court. The expert lawyer will be able to offer you a more fitting advice, as per the need of your case.