Buy and Sell Property for NRI

Real estate is a dynamic sector with a lot of opportunities; but if not chosen wisely, these opportunities can easily turn into nightmares. Because of the dynamic nature of the property market, it becomes imperative to scrutinise the available options to minimise the risk factor. Real Estate is a growing market, and generates a lot of interest from the NRI, both for buying and selling. However, entering a business deal in the real estate sector is no less than a gamble, especially when you are so far away from the place of actual transaction. It poses a real trouble for NRI as they are generally unaware of the trends often market and can be easily mislead. This means they are often shooting in the dark as far as their real estate investment is concerned. We, at NRI Legal Services, offer NRI the requisite personal and expert assistance in buying and selling of property. Our seasoned experts lend their expert opinion pertaining to the sale or purchase deed to the clients throughout the whole process.

NRI Legal Services has an extensive experience of successfully channelising the real estate deals for their NRI clientele. Every client of ours, be it an individual, a corporate house, or developers, is rendered the best of professional services with a meticulously charted out strategy matching their requirement. Our expert professionals not only assist in the legal aspect of the deal but also makes sure that the client gets the worth of his/her money. Buying or Selling a property can be for either a commercial transaction or non-commercial. Whatever be the kind of transaction, it is important to have a detailed and thorough background check done before finalising the deal. A Sale or Purchase deed before finalising goes through different steps, for which we offer complete services.

  1. Zeroing in on the potential buyer/seller – The first step is to identify the prospective buyers or sellers matching the requirement of the client. A thorough background check is performed before finalising a list of prospective buyer/ seller. Our vast experience in handling such cases help us weed out the risky options.
  2. Title Search and establishment – A detailed search is conducted to establish the title of the concerned property before signing the sale or purchase contract. It involves the detailed inspection of the current and past records of the property to make sure that it is undisputed and the seller has the requisite authority to carry out the transaction. It is the most important step of the whole buying and selling process and must be performed by the professionals to iron out any chance of mistake. We offer expert services in the title search, making sure the client gets the detailed information including the risks involved before entering any contract.
  3. Documentation – Next comes the documentation process, which also includes negotiation and revising of all the documents necessary to carry out the transfer smoothly. With our experts by your side, you can be assured to bag the best available deal. Our experts will also make sure that all the papers are in order and complete, ruling out any chances of future troubles.

Apart from finalising a contract on your behalf, we also offer advisory services on tax compliance and other future requirements that may occur in relation to the selling or buying of the property.