Criminal Litigation for NRI

A lot of NRI have criminal charges slapped against them in India. In most of the cases, these charges are false and only a mean to grab their property or land. These fallacious charges often keep NRI and overseas citizens away from their motherland as they fear getting arrested on their arrival, or having their passport confiscated. And land mafia and ill-intention parties take benefit of this fear. NRI also face these problems because of inadequate knowledge of the law and inefficient guidance to settle the case. This often results in them ceding their property rights to evade arrest and never to return to their motherland. There are plenty of such cases where Land Mafia or at times even relatives of NRI have forged the documents and filed false cases on the basis of distorted evidence to grab the inheritance or property of the NRI and Overseas Indians.

Some of the troubles faced by NRI in relation to criminal charges are:

  1. In certain cases, where a criminal charge has been filed against them, they are accorded the tag of Proclaimed offender by the court citing their absence as a reason, when in most cases they are not even aware of the case until the last moment.
  2. And once declared Proclaimed Offender, they don’t return fearing the arrest on entering the country. But what they are unaware of is that they can get these charge easily quashed with the aid of a skilled and efficient litigation lawyer who can represent their case in the court.
  3. Apart from facing a criminal trial, getting their passport confiscated and never being to able to leave is another worry that stops NRI from fighting for their rights. Except it is not so true. Once the case is in the trial, your lawyer can take the permission from the court allowing you to go back to the country of your residence.
In addition, it is also possible that you need not be present at every hearing of the case. Your attorney-in-law will represent you in the court of law. It is to be noted that the attorney power in legal cases ceases to exist once the case has reached a decision unless provided otherwise. NRI and overseas Indians need not live in fear or cower under the pressure to cede their rights to get the charges against them taken back. The law of the land offers adequate measures to check on the false and pretentious charges. And with the help of an experienced and competent lawyer, you can get rid of the fear and stigma attached with the status of being a Proclaimed Offender. En ajoutant, you can visit your home and have all the ownership rights over your property. We, at NRI Legal Services, have the perfect combination of expertise, efficiency, technique and the intent to resolve your criminal litigation case successfully. We have, in the past, gotten quashed the FIR/s, defended the PO/s in the court and successfully won the litigation procedures for our NRI and overseas clients.