Illegal Sale of Property of NRI

Property issues have become a common paradigm among NRI and Overseas Indians. Due to their inability to make frequent visits to check up on the status of their property, they are more susceptible to frauds and land grabbing.

Thus, to safeguard your interests, you must take some preventive measures, such as:

Firstly, it is important to not have the property in the name of deceased family members and to get it mutated and transferred to your name. Having the ownership rights will make it easier for you to prove your ownership rights in case of any disputes. Moreover, it will reduce the scope of forgery and illegal possession. While leasing out your property or appointing a caretaker, make sure to have an agreement drafted by an expert lawyer, specifying the status of the occupant. Keep a regular check on the status of your property and those of the occupants as well. It can either be done by visiting more often, through a trusted family member or a trusted counsel.

There are fewer chances of illegal possession and sale of the property that is regularly visited as compared to the ones that remain unattended for long. Moreover, there is a nexus among land mafia and people in a position of power that puts NRI and Overseas Indians in a vulnerable position. As we all know that Real-estate is a booming industry with a lot of demand from the NRI market as well. But this burgeoning trend does have a dark side to it as well. With the burgeoning Real-Estate, there is an increase of cases of NRI seeking remedial measures for the illegal sale of their property.

There are, infact, people working in gangs who sell the property to either directly to assuming customers or builders passing it as their own. They look for the property that has been unattended for long, take the possession by forging the documents and then sell it, all without real owner getting any kind of inkling. In the recent cases that we have worked upon, we have noticed another trend by which Illegal sale of Property is being done – Impersonation. These people take on the fake identities, either that of NRI owner, or family and make the transaction, all on based on some forged documents. Even Power of Attorney is being abused to make the Illegal sale of Property. And all this is because of the lack of proper knowledge, time and a trusted counsel on the part of NRI. There have been cases that the NRI has been duped of crores by means of the Illegal sale of property and he/ she remained unaware of the transaction even after years.

And often NRI and Overseas Indians try to file a case here, but seeing no result forgo their properties worth crores unaware of the judicial remedies available to them. In any case of fraud and illegal sale of property, You must consult an expert property dispute lawyer, who can guide about the legal framework and procedures that will restore your ownership rights. At NRI Legal Services, we offer legal aid for all kinds of property disputes. With a distinct clientele from different parts of the world, we have delivered successful results in a number of property dispute cases including that of Illegal Sale of Property. Efficiency and Efficacy is the strength that helps us cater to the needs of our client successfully.