Landlord Tenant Disputes of NRI

Landlord and tenant disputes are not very uncommon hearing per se. But most of the disputes are easily negotiable by holding a conversation and reaching a middle ground. But in certain cases, these disputes take the form of civil crimes, like taking illegal possession of the property against the will of the owner. Such disputes demand the services of an expert property dispute lawyer who has an experience of settling such disputes. And at NRI Legal Services, we offer you just that; A team of efficient lawyers who will help you resolve your dispute without you having to come down to the country on regular basis. A lot of NRI rent out their property, not only to earn regular rental income but also to protect their property from falling into hands of land mafia or trespassers. But even while renting out the property, some protective measures must be followed to mitigate the risk of your tenant taking over the possession of your property.

  1. The first and basic step before finalising a tenant is to have some kind of background check done on them to lessen the risk of giving your property in the hand of frauds.
  2. Next would be to draft a rent/lease agreement, properly defining the status of the occupant, and other details as required and advised by the legal counsel and get these documents registered.
  3. While it is mandatory to have your tenants registered with the local police station in some states, it is not mandatory in others. But as a legal expert, we would recommend to always have your tenants registered whether the law of the state requires it or not.
  4. Make regular checks on the proper and status of occupants through your legal counsel or Power of Attorney. In case a Power of Attorney is appointed, it is advisable to have a specific Power of Attorney and not a general one.
  5. Any sign of non-adherence to the tenancy agreement should warn the landlord about the behaviour of the tenant and proper measures must be taken to rectify it, either through an eviction notice or stricter checks.

If you do face any problem with having your tenants evicted from the property even after repeated notices, the first measure against it should be to hire the services of a competent property dispute lawyer. A property dispute lawyer has a complete know-how about the various remedies available to landlords in such case and an experience in resolving such disputes. There was a time when the tenants were favoured by law in cases of property disputes, but the current scenario has shifted in favour of landlords. With an upsurge in fraud cases against NRI proprietors and landlords, certain provisions are made to safeguard their interests, making the process of redressal easier for them. A new clause has been introduced in the prevalent tenancy law called ‘personal necessities’, further strengthening the rights of the landlord over the property. It is often seen that NRI face unnecessary trouble because of lack of complete knowledge of the prevalent laws of the country and proper legal guidance. Our legal team comprises of some of the best-known names in the field of law, specialising in resolving property dispute cases, including the dispute between landlord and tenant. Having a successful track record, we can assure you the best of legal advice and competent team that will take over your case and get the results in your favour.