Property Search for NRI

Property is an asset that often forms the backbone of a family. It is a connection that holds a family together. It is a dream we nurture, a symbol of growth and prosperity. Thus it is necessary that one not only maintains the property but also manages it well so as to keep its commercial value intact. Managing property can become a precarious business if not handled properly. Since the property is a legal entity, it is important to hire the services of legal experts for a better understanding of various matters related to the property. It is often seen that NRI are clueless as to how to proceed with the legal matters associated with the property, whether purchased or inherited. We, as a team of seasoned professionals, offer services that will aid you in performing the required transaction in a smooth and professional manner, subtracting any chances of future legal troubles.

One of the major points of contention in any property related issue is the establishment of the title. It forms the basis of the rest of the contract and the successful transfer of the property. Our expert team of lawyers and title researchers will make sure that you are provided with the detailed report of the past and correct records of the property to ascertain the legality of the transaction and estimate the in-cumbent expenses if any. It is a common notion, nowadays, that property title search does not require expert help as all the documents can be found online. Whereas it is true, that the procedure of the documenting the records online has started a long ago but it is yet to be achieved 100%. In certain cases, even if the record is available, it is available in the vernacular language that must be translated for the legal purposes. Moreover, such records are not yet available for the residential property, making it all the more vital to have the access to expert help.

People also often seek help from friends and relatives in finding the past records of the property either through local authorities or in person, but only an experienced title researcher will have the requisite information and knowledge about the availability of the different records and how to access them. Although the major trouble in finding various records is the non-availability of the requisite paperwork with the clients or in archives of the concerned authorities. Without the title research, transferring property is a very risky matter, that can end up with the buyer or entitled owner bearing losses or even worse, being cheated. Our experts will make sure that you get the detail of every record available about the property to overcome any shortcomings in the contract. Not only this, our experts will have a detailed research on the tax details, any pending litigation, or such matters that have a direct influence on the contract. We understand the importance a contract holds for you and thus go through every minute detail to make the contract as error-proof as we can, to make sure you get to experience to see your dream being nurtured the way you wished it to be.